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Co-Op Reading Library

Co-Op members have access to some great basic reading materials on beekeeping and bees.  If you have something you're able to share, please use the examples below and email the details to

The Backyard Beekeeper by Kim Flotum
The Backyard Beekeeper: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden
This is a fantastic general resource for beekeepers of all stripes.  It's packed with basic information about bees, beekeeping, common problems, honey harvesting, etc.  It's a great visual guide too with hundreds of images from all sorts of beekeeping situations.  Readable, well-written, and fun.  Highly practical.  The only minor shortcoming is that it does not include much information about the top-bar style of hive and beekeeping we're using in the co-op.  Nonetheless, you won't be sorry for giving it a whirl!

To check out this book, contact David Stucky at 541.543.6458 or at

At the Hive Entrance by H. Storch
This lovely little book comes to us from an earlier age and represents the best traditions of good bee management through careful and perceptive observation of bee behavior.  The author explains in fascinating detail how to tell what's going on inside your hive by watching what the bees are doing at the hive door.  Moreover, it's organized as a sort of yearly calendar which really helps one become acquainted with how bees move through the seasons.  A very quick and engaging read and a wonderful resource especially for beekeepers interested in non-invasive approaches to beekeeping.

To check out this book, contact David Stucky at 541.543.6458 or at